I think I move pretty well… Do I really need someone to help me understand how to properly move?

The answer is YES!!!!

Why do you think all high end athletes get batting coaches, strength coaches, mindset coaches etc. They understand how important it is to learn how to do things properly and from someone who already understands how to do it.

Even business CEO’s, entrepreneurs, and some of the wealthiest people use coaches of all forms to help them get better in their business, relationships and life.

It always puzzles me when people come into the gym and tell me that they know how to exercise but when we take them out on the floor the first time for an assessment, they nearly fall over on simple balance poses or can’t find a position that is very common in every day life.

There is nothing wrong with this because if you put me in a music class or an art studio I would be so far out of my element that I might curl up in a ball and try and hide. All be it not very well :)

So the moral is, if we want to get better, it is OK to seek outside help with a variety of things.

For instance, I write programs all week long for my clients. And there are a lot! The last thing I want to do is write a program for myself! I let one of my trainers do it for me and then schedule time to train with them.


1. If I schedule a time to work out I make sure to not let other business stuff get in the way.

2. My staff is excellent and I trust them to plan around my injuries and ensure that I get a great workout.

3. I have good body awareness, but I am no longer in the prime of my athletic career. My positions are not quite as good as they used to be so it is good to have an outside eye watching.

4. Finally, I don’t want to think! I look at everyone’s posture, gate, imbalances and injuries all day long. It is good to turn my brain off and just move.

The past 2 years have been a huge learning curve for me. Adding a wife and child to a growing business has enhanced my life but it has also forced me to be much better at time management and being productive in the hours I have.

Learning how to move properly is one of the most important things we can do for our body and our mind! I was lucky enough to have a Dad who was athletic and really had me try a lot of different sports.

Why is Movement Education important?

1. Learning how to contract your muscles in the proper order is one of the key factors is staying out of pain. We want our larger muscles to do more of the work than our smaller ones. When we have an injury, certain muscles turn off and if we don’t wake them back up and get them to activate we will continue to have problems and not properly heal and may even add new pains.

2. If you look at a young kid that learned proper running mechanics versus one that did not. It is so much easier for them as they start to grow and develop power to gain speed and not have wasted energy. They understand how form leads to speed and as they get stronger it exponentially increases.

3. Older populations tend to have more issues with balance and stability. Balance is something that if you don’t use it, you lose it. Most older people look for the railing as soon as they get to a set of stairs. Practicing balancing exercises and progressing to more complex movements is very important as we age. But just standing on one foot isn’t the whole story. You need to know what muscles to contract to hold you in position.

4. The “Pinnacle Fitness Way” – One of the tings that we pride ourselves on at Pinnacle Fitness is keeping people out of pain. The way that we do this is that once our people learn proper mechanics we are able to load the muscle with out loading the joint” which takes the stress off of the body which helps keep inflammation out of the body.

If you want to learn more about how we implement this movement education program please feel free to respond to this email. I would be happy to answer any questions and invite you to come for one of our Success Sessions where we go over all of your goals, health history and find out what makes you tick :). We can run you through a short assessment where we find any muscle imbalances, posture issues and just see how you move. Then we give you a short 20 minute workout so you can see how we structure our sessions and you get a good feel for our trainers.

Remember, movement keeps us young both physically and mentally. One of my favorite clients has a song that he likes which I feel is perfect for this.

Ask yourself how old you’d be
If you didn’t know the day you were born

Don’t associate an age with how you are supposed to feel. There is no reason that you can’t be 70 years old and feel like 50. It is all in your mindset and the amount of work you put into your body.

Building from the ground up