I am sure you are getting bombarded with a ton of information to help fight the COVID 19 virus.

In reality, if you have taken care of your body over the years, exercised regularly and followed a good diet, you are ahead of the game.

It is always possible to do a little more to stay ahead of the curve. This is where supplements and “bio-hacking” comes in.

We want to take care of our bodies so they will fight off viruses, age well and let us do the things we want to do well into our golden years.

Well, to help us stay on top of your health I have put together a short video to help you understand some of the things you can do to boost your immune system and stave off potential threats.

Coronavirus Supplement Regiment

As I talked about zinc, immune boosters and multi-vitamins are great supplements to help you stay healthy. Remember, not all supplements are the same. Just like you wouldn’t hire the cheapest accountant, lawyer or doctor.

You want to have one that will actually deliver what you need. I have put together some products that we sell in the gym and I take on a regular basis.

My entire life, I have stayed relatively healthy in regards to colds and flus. We were never allowed to take anything as athletes due to drug testing rules so my immune system fought off everything by itself.

Now, I make sure to boost muy immune system daily. Between the pills my wife stocks in my pill box and the products I use at the gym, I always stay healthy.

Here is the link to Eniva so you can have it directly shipped to you. No reason to leave your house. Better Health

Cold & Flu Buster



I don’t care what you take or how you best keep up your health. Just make sure you are doing something to stay healthy.

Building from the ground up.