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About Pinnacle Fitness

Move Better … Move More


At Pinnacle Fitness you’ll receive a level of personal and professional care and attention unmatched by other gyms. You’ll find a fun, supportive atmosphere where you will laugh and feel comfortable, while still being challenged. You’ll learn from Fitness Professionals committed to helping you experience the intrinsic benefits of exercise no matter what type of exercise you enjoy. And you’ll feel better physically, mentally and emotionally, as you develop a lifelong commitment to fitness and good health. We look forward to building a healthy relationship with you.

No matter what your goals, we provide all the health and fitness services you’ll need. Specializing in movement education, we teach you how to move and understand your body better, leading to a pain free fitness experience as well as a happier pain free daily life. Our environment is very clean, uncluttered and upscale.  Many clients also enjoy adding outdoor activities led by a trainer, such as hiking Pinnacle Peak, to their workout plan.

We at Pinnacle Fitness pride ourselves on giving each and every guest the best workout possible. And doing it in the safest and most effective manner — period. We achieve results but also treat you like a real person … We truly are here for you. Regardless of whether you’ve ever set foot in a gym before, our trainers will listen to your needs and develop a customized workout for you to achieve your goals.

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Pinnacle Fitness is a private personal training studio committed to helping each and every client meet their individual physical fitness and health goals. Founded by retired professional athlete and former Olympic Trials Competitor Luke Sullivan, Pinnacle Fitness strives to provide clients with result-driven workout options in a fun, friendly environment that supports individuals with varying levels of ability, age and workout experience.

We Specialize in:

  • Corrective Exercise
  • Performance Enhancment
  • Fitness Nutrition
  • Hypertrophy
  • Pain Management

We Have Showers!!