Walks are a fantastic way of burning some calories for the day!  While they may not burn a ton of calories, they can be healthy for many more reasons than one.  Individuals have been found to burn ~ 150-200 calories from walks that were around 30min (1), which is great for anyone who is looking to burn some extra calories!  With that, going for walks outside / in nature has been correlated with a myriad of mood improvements, along with improvements in mental health and overall emotional well-being (2).  While it may be tough to incorporate walks while it is getting hot outside, the early mornings are a great time to do our best to get some walking time in, as that is our best bet for cool / bearable weather.  So, while walks may not burn a boat-load of calories, they can still be extremely beneficial for a bunch of reasons, which is why we should all aim to try and get some walks in throughout the week!



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