Let’s start by saying, carbs are not the enemy, they are your friend!  We’ve covered this briefly before in a previous newsletter, but we’ll take a little bit of a deeper dive.  Rather than focus on what they are, and all the nuances behind them, what we’ll focus on here is the basics of what a carbohydrate can do for us, where we can find it, and how much we could aim to have.  Before we do that, however, reach out to us if you’re interested in learning more about the different types of carbohydrates!


What Can They Do

First and foremost, carbs provide us with some much needed energy.  According to the Cleveland Clinic, and an over abundance of peer-reviewed research studies, they are traditionally our main source of energy, which fuels our muscles, brain, and so forth (1).  

Where Can We Find Them

We’ll cover a list here, but again, feel free to reach out for more info!:

Starches: vegetables, whole-grain products, beans, fruits, etc.

Fiber: fruits, beans, vegetables, nuts, etc. 

Simple Carb: white breads/pastas, cereals, cookies, candy, etc.

Complex Carb: whole-grain breads/pastas, potatoes, fruits, etc.

How Much

According to the Mayo Clinic, about 45-65% of our daily total calories should be composed of carbohydrates (2).  With that, the aim is to get around 25-30g of fiber each day (3).  We have the ability to choose which carbohydrate we want to fill in those categories.  A potential suggestion is making choices that follow along with emphasizing fruits, vegetables, whole-grains, legumes, and just limit added sugars (2).


As always reach out for more information!





*For information purposes only, see a registered dietician for foods you can intake, as the ones provided are for example purposes only*


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