Here at Pinnacle Fitness, we are dedicated to your health, safety and success. This means that we will always do everything we can to keep you healthy and provide the most supportive and safe workout environment possible.

Now more than ever, we are laser focused on your health and wellbeing. We have made significant updates to our facilities, policies, and procedures to ensure that you remain safe and comfortable each and every time you come into Pinnacle Fitness. We have invested a lot of time, resources, and energy in creating new safety guidelines for the gym, creating socially distanced stations and updating cleaning procedures to ensure that all stations and equipment are sanitized and disinfected between each use. Below we have outlined the steps and procedures we have put in place to keep you safe, happy and healthy and take you through what to expect when you come to Pinnacle Fitness.

Preparing For Your Pinnacle Fitness Session

From the moment you approach our doors, your safety is our top consideration.  We are taking every precaution to ensure members stay socially distanced and feel comfortable throughout their sessions. We are limiting our occupancy well below the county guidelines and ask that members sign up in advance of their session so that we can set up their station and equipment before their arrival.  You are able to sign up and book your session via the MindBody app on your phone, via computer or you can speak to any of our staff and we will slot you into the times of your choice. Advanced sign-ups allow us to create assigned stations for each patron in the facility with weight and equipment pre-designated so that you do not have to move from your station during your session.

On the day of your session, you will want to arrive no more than approximately 5 minutes early. This allows us to get the previous sessions checked out before new patrons come in. The Pinnacle Fitness staff will be hard at work cleaning your workout area and equipment to prepare for your arrival.

We no longer require face masks to be worn upon entering, but if you prefer to wear a mask you are completely welcome to!  Your station will have a designated basket where you can set your personal items during your session.

Your (socially distanced) Pinnacle Fitness Personal Station

Once your temperature has been checked, the Pinnacle Fitness staff will direct you to your designated station. Each station has been set up to maximize your personal safety and give you the best workout possible! Each station has a minimum of 8 feet of distance between them to maximize your safety and comfort!

When you arrive, your entire station will have been thoroughly disinfected by the Pinnacle Fitness team. Your station will be fully stocked with all of your own personal equipment needed for the workout.

Once you get to your station, we ask that you please stay at your station for the entirety of your session. This allows all members to remain socially distanced and safe. If at any point in your session you need a different weight or option, your Pinnacle Fitness coach will be there to help make modifications and provide you with the appropriate, sanitized equipment without you ever having to leave your station.

Pinnacle fitness safe workout zones

Restroom Use and Safety

Our restrooms will remain open for use. Our staff will conduct regular cleanings throughout the day to keep the space sanitized. Our restrooms are already set up as private restrooms to allow for social distancing. Each restroom has been set up with touch-less soap and paper towel dispensers to limit contact with surfaces.  Members are asked to wash their hands thoroughly and use hand sanitizer when they return to their station.


Time to get this party started! Get ready to sweat it out and have some fun.  Your Pinnacle Fitness coach will have your custom workout prepared when you arrive. If you are attending a small group training session, all movements and sets will be displayed on a whiteboard so that participants have the freedom to move at their own pace during the session. Your coach will be guiding you every step of the way making sure you perform exercises correctly and effectively. If you are attending a private or semi-private session, your coach will guide you through each movement with personal attention. No matter what the format, our Pinnacle Fitness coaches will be wearing a mask and will keep their social distance throughout the entirety of the session. Coaches will not perform hands-on corrections, but will still be providing verbal modifications and plenty of energy and motivation to keep you going through the entire workout.

To maintain social distancing, we will not be conducting partner drills at this time. Each individual will use only the equipment at their station to ensure all items are properly disinfected between each use.

Once your session is completed, we ask that you leave all of your equipment at your station so that the Pinnacle Fitness team can properly disinfect all equipment.


Rest assured that we are doing everything possible to keep our space safe, clean and sanitized. Pinnacle Fitness team members will be conducting regular cleanings throughout the facility during the day to ensure door handles and common areas are properly disinfected. We will also be conducting thorough equipment cleaning after each session. Here is a quick look at our updated procedures:

  • All equipment will be fully disinfected after each session. Pinnacle Fitness staff will personally wipe down each piece of equipment and return to appropriate locations throughout the facility so that there is no confusion on equipment usage.
  • All equipment will also be sprayed down throughout the week with topical anti-bacterial surface cleaner.
  • The turf will be vacuumed regularly throughout the week and disinfected with anti-bacterial surface cleaner.
  • Floors will be vacuumed and mopped regularly throughout the week.
  • Door handles and shared surfaces wiped down between sessions.
  • Weekly deep cleaning of floors with power scrubber.
  • At the end of the day, all equipment will be sanitized and returned to their racked area to ensure all items are fully sanitized each evening


The safety and health of our members is a top priority. Each of the Pinnacle Fitness team members are carefully monitored to ensure they are healthy, safe & strong and ready to provide you with the best workouts possible.

Here are our employees safety guidelines:

  • Daily health and wellness checks
  • Acknowledgment that they will practice the safety guidelines set forth by Maricopa County and follow all Pinnacle Fitness safety guidelines
  • Social distancing with staff and members
  • Proper hygiene: hand washing and sanitization throughout the day and between sessions
  • PPE for coaching (coaches will wear masks throughout sessions and will wipe down equipment between usage)


We certainly understand that this is a unique time and things feel very different and maybe a bit overwhelming. We are doing everything possible to make this a smooth transition and provide you with all of the tools that you need to feel safe and comfortable coming in.  Rest assured that there is not a better facility and community to get through this.  At Pinnacle Fitness ,we are dedicated to making this the best experience possible for everyone. Once you see your Pinnacle Fitness coach, you will be driven by the energy and motivation from the Pinnacle Fitness team and it will feel like the Pinnacle Fitness that you know and love.

We are taking every precaution necessary to keep you as safe and comfortable as possible while keeping you on track to achieve your fitness goals. We are taking a week-by-week approach and remaining open to innovating and adapting to provide you with the best experience possible.

We will keep you abridged of any changes or updates.


Come to Pinnacle Fitness in your regular workout clothes and a water bottle.  You will have a personal basket at your station for your personal goods. Please limit the size of bag that you are bringing so that your items can easily be kept at your station.

Yes! All of our restrooms are private and have been equipped with no-touch sensors for soap and paper towels. We are conducting regular sanitization of the restrooms throughout the day. Each restroom contains a shower which may be utilized after your session if you so choose.

Masks are not required but are welcomed if you feel more comfortable wearing one.  All staff members will wear masks throughout all sessions.

Yes. We thoroughly clean all equipment and stations between each session. Staff members will conduct cleaning to ensure that all equipment has been fully sanitized and disinfected. We will also conduct regular deep cleans throughout the week consisting of the following: vacuuming of all floors, power scrubbing on non-turf areas and full anti-bacterial spray of all turf areas, full anti-bacterial spray of all equipment and stations.

If a member or employee tests positive for COVID-19, we will complete a full cleaning and hospital grade sanitizing fogging of the entire facility. That member or employee will be required to stay away from Pinnacle Fitness for 2-weeks and will be required to provide a negative COVID-19 test in order to return.

No. We socially distance all members inside of Pinnacle Fitness. Each member will have a designated station that they are assigned to upon entry.  Each station has a minimum of 8 feet distance from other stations. Stations will be stocked with your own personal equipment that will be cleaned and disinfected between each session. There will be no sharing of equipment with other members.

Contact Us With Any Questions Regarding Our Safety Guidelines