Although the weather is beginning to get warmer outside, there are still a bunch of ways to stay active outside of the workouts we do in the gym.  In addition to our exercise in the gym, staying active, or increasing your activity is a major key to recovery, overall health, wellness, as well as for tons of other reasons!  Ways that we can be active while the weather warms up is to break up our physical activity.  While taking the stairs and walking further in the parking lot may be tough given the hot temperatures, we can break up how often we do those types of things.  Maybe that means parking on the other side of something in the shade, and walking in the shade to our destination to keep the steps up, to walk in both the morning and the evening with water, there are a lot of options.  Another option that is inside, is to sit less and move more.  If watching TV, or just hanging out at home and not moving too much is a regular physical activity during the summer, getting up at least once per hour for about 10min can really help get our step counts up, and get some global blood flow going, which is always good for us!  Another idea is getting some physical activity in during a commercial break, between book chapters, or at least once per hour, like doing some mild stretching, taking a few laps around the house, or even doing high knees for the duration of the commercial break.  At the end of the day, there are tons of ways we can increase our daily physical activity levels, and if you find yourself struggling to keep the physical activity up outside the gym, through the summertime, because the weather is preventing you from doing things, absolutely feel free to reach out to us and we can come together to come up with a solution that works well for you!