Exercises that help burn fat, simply put, are all of them!  One exercise won’t particularly burn fat more than another.  However, the difference is that some exercises may require a higher level of effort than others, which will cause a higher level of caloric expenditure (calorie burn) than others.  With the higher level of caloric expenditure, if nutrition is in a proper position, in a calorie deficit (burning more calories than we consume), these exercises can help contribute to this.  Meaning that we can contribute to that expenditure of calories through those exercises, allowing our body to begin to decrease our overall mass and decrease body fat composition.  With all of that being said, we also cannot spot-reduce where we want to lose body fat.  For example, doing sit ups and abdominal exercises will not allow us to burn fat in our mid-section more than say a goblet squat will.  If only things were that simple, right?!  Working hard with strength training, and with proper application, along with following along with an appropriate nutrition regiment, fat can be burned, lean muscle can be gained, and the dream physique can be slowly but surely achieved!