What a day. We are officially 15 hours into launching our At-Home Health and Fitness challenge and we have already raised $1075 for our local small businesses!

I can’t even tell you how proud of our members, community and all of you that donated! I am truly touched!


We are not done! There is more that we can do and want to do for your health and the health of the community.

The Pinnacle Fitness At-Home Challenge will officially start on March 25th but as you sign up, everyone may have a different start date.

We have some really cool stuff planned for this and some great ways to interact while we are in isolation.

If you are on the fence or don’t understand how we would be able to coach a small group online. I took a short clip from todays session so you can see.

I enjoyed the workout that Anthony led, but clearly at the beginning… Patrick was not ready to workout!!!


Virtual SGT Clip.

So if you came to Pinnacle Fitness before in our small groups. You will sign up the same way. And remember.. To all of our snowbirds who went home early.

This is virtual so you can do it from anywhere!!!!

Remember we are all in this together, and like I said in my last video. We can’t treat this situation like it is a snow day and we will be back to normal tomorrow. This may take a while and sitting on the couch watching TV is not going to keep you healthy.

Heaven forbid, you do get this virus, you want to be able to fight it off effectively and with as few symptoms as possible. Nutrition, fitness and sleep are 3 major components to our immune system and are three things that we focus on in out 21 Day At-Home Challenge!

Plus, your donation goes directly into helping small businesses stay open! And you get your donation back!!! And, you get to get healthier!!!


You get a ton of stuff with this challenge and it is for everyone so please share it and keep our community healthy!

For online training….

Things to know:

  1. Have a designated area to workout( preferably at least 8 foot x 6 foot).

  2. Laptops or tablets are preferable since a phone will have a small screen. (we use a HDMI cable to hook up to our TV so it is much bigger and easier to see)

  3. Try to set up the laptop and see what the camera looks like ahead of time. We would like to be able to see your full body if possible.

  4. Try and download the zoom app in advance. Otherwise it takes a few minutes and you will miss some of the session.

  5. There will be questions and issues with how to use the app. I get it. The first session may take a few minutes longer but it is ok. Most of us are at home anyways!

  6. The whole reason you come to Pinnacle Fitness is to get great coaching, accountability, and a community. This will be no different. In fact, you will be suprised how fun it can be, seeing your workout buddy getting chased by their dog and a crazy kid running through the screen. (well that would be my house!)

  7. This is all new so bear with us and we will keep adding sessions… We will also be adding social gatherings…. in isolation!!! Stay tuned but we have some fun stuff planned!

Here are the details:​

Click here to pre register for class. THIS IS IMPORTANT if you want to attend the session!! If you have an active package you will be good to go. If not, reply back and I will get you set up.
If you do not currently have a mindbody account( to sign up for the session) you will need to create one. Be sure to use the same email and name that we have on file so the accounts will sync.
Download the Zoom app on your streaming device. Watch this video here on how to navigate Zoom.
Check your email 5-10 minutes before class for the email link to click.
Enjoy the fun!

Building from the ground up.