The grocery store often seems like it has everything, and taunts us with all the cravings we may have in a day.  One way to potentially avoid those cravings, if that is the goal, depending on what they are, this will help serve as a quick reference on how to navigate the grocery store quickly for what you need.  Now, first and foremost, we should start by saying that you shouldn’t be afraid, ashamed, or any negative adjective associated with certain types of food like ice cream, cookies and so forth.  With proper self-discipline, control, and so on, those things in moderation are absolutely okay!  With that aside, here is the easiest way to think about it:  


Stick to the perimeter of the store.  


Now, when you stick to the perimeter of the store, the fruits, vegetables, meats, seafood, and dairy are all on the outside.  The inside is generally composed of the frozen foods, canned foods, baking supplies, cereals, and more, think boxed, canned and frozen foods (usually). With that, going in with a plan, will always make things easier, so if you haven’t yet, check out our previous newsletters on nutrition for assistance or please reach out to us for some guidance on the subject! 


So in the end, go in with a plan, and try to stick to the perimeter to get fresh food, and as always, reach out to us for assistance!!