Motivation is an elusive topic.  Some find that they struggle with staying motivated, while others wake up and are constantly ready for anything.  Oftentimes, individuals who have specific goals, and are committed to the process that it takes to achieve those goals, usually find it easier to stay motivated.  However, what about those days that we all have, that we just flat out don’t want to work out?  Well, there’s hope for those days!  Luckily for us here at Pinnacle Fitness, we are all a family, so we hold each other accountable.  Reaching out to a friend or fellow member here to ask for some help in wanting to come in can be that one thing that could tip you over the edge to make you want to come in.  Not only this, but having some friendly competition, or even fun, with the exercise is another way!  If you find yourself always doing one-on-one sessions, maybe incorporating a group workout one or two times per week, in addition to those one-on-one sessions, could be another way to remain motivated and accountable.  Moving from that, one big thing that sticks out for individuals who are always motivated is to associate a purpose with their overall workout.  Meaning, for example, that someone who has a purpose of, say, staying fit to be able to pick up and play with their grandchildren, will often have an easier time staying motivated than someone who doesn’t identify and associate a particular purpose with their physical activity.  What we encourage is to find yourwhy”Why do you work out?  What is there to gain from it?  Who benefits from it, other than just you?  How and why do they benefit?  How and why do you benefit?  Basically, getting to the root cause of things is helpful to find that motivation on what will keep you moving!  If you ever find yourself needing help identifying that “why”, please, feel free to reach out to us for assistance and any of us would be more than happy to help you both identify and harness that reason to stay motivated to continue working out!