I generally put information out on movement or low back health but I happened to read this article by Jennifer Broxterman, MS RD and I found it really intriguing.

It has a ton… And I mean a ton of info relating to thyroid health and diet strategies that can help you if you suffer from low thyroid.

I have been married for coming up on three years and every morning (if I haven’t left for work yet), I see my wife take her little grains of Naturthroid medication.

I got to thinking that there are a number of people in the gym as well as friends and family that could learn from an article like this.

So here it goes.

Low Thyroid Diet Strategies That Actually Work!!

Precision Nutrition is one of the best nutrition certifications that you can get and it helps coach habits instead of just calorie counting. It is the system we use at Pin Fit!

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