July 18th is National Ice Cream day!  Now, it seems pretty rare to find someone who doesn’t enjoy indulging in ice cream, or the dairy-free alternative every once and a while.  While we aren’t advocating for us all to go out and smash our faces into ice cream, only to wake out of a chocolate covered-coma the next day, we’re aiming to maybe focus on some healthier alternatives, or of course, focusing on consuming it in moderation.  To make sure that we all partake in the best holiday ever (National Ice Cream Day), let’s cover what some would deem as “healthier” options of ice cream.  Halo Top Ice Cream is a relatively* healthy option for an ice cream alternative, with it being protein packed and significantly less calories than ordinary ice cream, it usually comes less than 300 calories for the entire pint!  Single ingredient sorbet is also another option that is similar to the ice cream goodness we would normally consume.  Other options are chocolate covered fruits, in moderation of course, as well as frozen fruit bars.  Yogurt based pops, or just regular ice cream is another option as well!  There are a lot of ways to partake in the best holiday ever, all that keep us aligned with our fitness goals and keeping the calorie intake from it relatively low.  Fear not though, if you are okay with dairy products, with moderation, enjoy national ice cream day, because you deserve it!