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Scott B.

For well over a year now I have been going to Pinnacle Fitness and working with Luke Sullivan.

Luke is an excellent trainer who really knows what he’s doing. He will focus on you and your particular needs. He is personable, a great listener and communicator who knows how to tailor a program specifically for each individual and in a language that is easy to understand. He asks a lot of questions in the process and continually, making sure that he addresses any ailments or injuries you may have.

Luke is a wealth of knowledge who is honest and patient yet knows who to motivate and get the most out of you. Workouts vary all the time and I never know what the day will bring!

I highly recommend Luke. His staff are all personable and very effective and knowledgeable as well.

Thanks Pinnacle Fitness!

Rob Flick

He explains how he over came stiffness, lack of flexibility and lack of endurance to create a life with more energy and overall self improvement.

Allison O’Conner

Allison talks about how with the right exercises she was able to feel her best!

Patty Matsock

Patty explains how her lack of motivation held her back.  Once she found Pinnacle Fitness she enjoys working out and feels much better.

Susan Matthews

Results made all the difference in Susan’s life.  Hear how the trainers helped her to feel better.

Karen Stein

Professional staff and the care they give is what keeps Karen coming back.

Kim Larson

Kim had a goal of becoming stronger.  In just a short 6 months, she has made huge strides and continues to find new muscles.

phyllis r - testimonial

Phyliss R.

I am a health and wellness professional and I know Pinnacle Fitness is like no other workout experience in the valley. Calm and welcoming environment and the most knowledgeable trainers with very clean and state of the art machines. Unlike other health clubs in the valley, which are owned by corporations, you will see the owner, Luke Sullivan, with a welcoming smile every time you go for a workout at PF.

He and his team are fully vested in making your health/fitness, nutrition and workout experiences, the best they can be. Both of our teenage children have worked with Luke and Donnell, in order to keep their muscles in shape and to prevent injuries in their sports. Both of our children have absolutely loved their experiences at Pinnacle Fitness. They are excelling at their sports and the time spent at Pinnacle Fitness has helped shape them into amazing young adults. If you’re looking for consistent results in a positive environment, authentic and different than any other gym, Pinnacle Fitness is the place.


Hear from other’s just how Pinnacle Fitness can help you!

Jann K.

Having had a partial knee replacement a decade ago, my days of hiking Pinnacle Peak Mountain were over for awhile so I started looking for gyms in the area to keep me active. I joined most of them over the years but unfortunately the majority created more injury’s that needed lengthy times to heal.   I have always been active and this inactivity was hard to accept.  I thought I would try again with Pinnacle Fitness and one-on-one training. I met Luke and felt comfortable that he knew what he was doing. ( I’m increasingly impressed with his skill and knowledge of injuries. )

I came into the gym in pain. Lots of pain and lots of fear! At 67 I didn’t bounce back like in my 40’s and 50’s and I couldn’t stand another rehab period of inactivity.
For a few weeks I dragged myself to Luke twice a week with trepidation of a new injury.
After about 6 weeks I noticed that my pain was mostly in my head and not in my body! And NO INJURIES!
Moreover, the fear had gone and the movement was helping! I trusted that Luke and Pinnacle Fitness cared for me as a person and that I wasn’t just filling a slot.
I have now been there over a year and the physical changes in my body are clearly noticeable and the fear of injury is just a faint memory.
I feel and look better than I have in years! I’m thankful and grateful for a perfect place to stay healthy and active! Seriously!

Carol Z.

I have been working out with Luke for a long time.  He is remarkable in his level of understanding of the body in general and my physical needs in particular.  He pays attention to  what may ail me and designs an exercise routine for that day that speaks to what I need and what I can handle.  He is caring, easy to work with, personable and with a good sense of humor.  He is aware of the whole person and knows when to push me a little beyond where I think I can go–with good results. I can’t imagine a better trainer!

Maryann McShane

Maryann M.

This is by far the best gym in North Scottsdale. Luke the owner is also my trainer. He is knowledgeable and knows how to keep me motivated and accountable. We do a lot of laughing along the way to keep my 72 year old body upright and the core strong. He is the best thing that has happened to me in the past couple of years. I actually look forward to our workouts. Well worth the money.  If you are looking for a small gym with personal attention this is for you.  5 star rating!

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Sadie T.

I’m so happy with Pinnacle Fitness. Every time I walk in the gym I know I’m going to be pushed to the limit. The personal trainers take a lot of time to make sure that you are healthy and happy. They are very social and are constantly asking about your life out of the gym. I would highly recommend this gym for people looking for a clean, safe and exciting place to workout.

Alexa D.

I love Pinnacle Fitness! Everyone there is so amazing and I always feel welcome! 10/10 would recommend for anyone and everyone trying to get in shape. All the personal trainers really care about your health and how you feel. I have never had a problem with the trainers and they are always flexible with my scheduling! I have been going for almost three years now and I love it.

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Nicola J.

Worth every penny!  Convenient, remote key access during closed hours and always clean.  The best part are the trainers.  Very professional and caring.  They will create a workout plan for you if you want to exercise on your own or you can sign up for one-on-one or couples training sessions.  I started with Luke with one-on-one sessions a couple of months before major abdominal surgery so I could be in better shape going into surgery.  We discussed what the needs were and got started.  He helped my body through two surgeries and now a year later I am in even better shape than when I started.  He also works with my husband and I find it fascinating how he understands how different our needs are just based on watching us move through the exercises.  I actually look forward to working out!