May is posture month, so of course, we’ll be addressing posture!  Posture can be a bit elusive, and depending who you ask, the definition of good posture, and “correct” postural position (the way we sit, stand, etc.), can certainly vary from person to person.  From, over 65 million people, just in the United States alone, experience back pain every year.  Not only this, but they indicate that low back pain is the most commonly identified disability for individuals under 45 years old, which ultimately causes less productivity, and the inability to participate in normal activities, subsequently diminishing overall life enjoyment.  Continuing, they were sure to identify that there is no one particular perfect posture.  With that, however, there are more optimal positions than others, that always vary depending on the individual and activity.  As most would assume, we would be foolish to not address how 21st century technology has wreaked havoc on the posture of individuals around the world.  In fact, according to, technology driven work and recreation habits, like video games and watching TV, are the current primary cause of back, shoulder, and neck pain!  Well, although that may be a bit discouraging, there is hope!  Our bodies are meant to move around, rather than be seated, folded, or cramped in positions for hours at a time.  So, if we can use our muscles, through their full range of motion, we can work to combat a lot of the potential negative side effects from sub-optimal posture/positions.  The suggestions that provides are that we A.C.E. our posture.  Meaning, that we are Aware of the position we are in, become in Control of our posture through exercise, and finally, ensure that our Environment is posture-smart, allowing us to have easy fixes to the positions we are in each day.  With these changes, we can see dramatically different results in positions day to day, as well as, potentially, major differences in how we feel everyday!