Protein intake is a murky part of nutrition.  Some say that protein isn’t all that important, some say that it is essential, and some are in what we call the messy middle.  We’ll aim to iron out some of this with how much we need, where we get it from, and why we need it.


How Much

Ordinarily, the recommended amount per day is 0.8 g per/kg of body weight (1).  However, for individuals who exercise regularly or  lift weights regularly, protein needs can go up to about 1-1.5g/kg of body weight (1).  If an individual is running regularly, or in cycling events that amount can go up to about 1.7g/kg!  Now that we know the daily amounts, how much is perfect for you?  A dietician can determine that, but you could always start low and work yourself up slowly.  So, you could take your bodyweight, divide it by 2.2 for kilograms (kg), then use the formula breakdowns listed above (multiply that number by the recommended / desired amount), if you decided to do it on your own.  Feel free to reach out, as always, for more details, guidance, and help with this!

Where Do We Get It

This will be more of a list of examples here, and it is by no means exhaustive!:

Fish, chicken, steak, turkey, eggs, dairy, beef, pork, protein powders, protein bars, etc.

What Does It Do

No, protein won’t make you bulky.  What it will do, however, is assist with repair of the muscle that you break down through training, and it is found within basically every body part and tissue, as what is part of the composition of it, so it is essential to say the least (2)!  

In the End

Aim to have protein in each main meal that you have each day.  Reach out to see how much you may need, and then we’ll get you guided in the right direction!





*For information purposes only, see a registered dietician for specific foods for you, as well as specific amounts for you.  The foods listed are for example sake only*