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Aaaaand we are BACK❗️ What’s up Pin Fit Fam! It’s Workout Wednesday and we got a good one for you today!
Kneeling Sissy Squat! (2x10)
This is an awesome leg exercise that can be done at the comfort of your ...
Missin Those Gym Days.....wondering if I look like a russet potato, sweet potato, or Yukon??? I’ll take sweet for $100, Alex!
Happy Hump Day Pin Fit Fam!
As you can see, Pinnacle Fitness trainer @dwntwnabrown is making sure to keep up with our strict cleaning regiment!
Staff and Clientele all have been adamant about deep cleaning the gym every day and ...
All smiles after the 9AM group class this past Wednesday!
Rainy and gloomy weather can’t hold these ladies back from leading an active and healthy lifestyle!
Pinnacle Fitness focuses on providing a motivating and engaging environment for all our clients!
Sweat Saturday was rockin’ this weekend!! Great turnout with great people!
Come be a part of the PIN FIT FAMILY and you too can join in on this awesome core finisher!! So much fun! 💪🏽
What’s up Pin Fit Fam!
Hope everyone’s had a productive week so far. However, the week is not over yet!
Here’s an exercise you all can add to your routine today during your workout!
Alternating Kettlebell Row w/ ...
Gooood Mornin’ Pin Fit Fam!
Happy Fit Friday!
We have a great back, hamstring and glute exercise for you guys!
Kettlebell Deadlift w/ Box 🔥
This movement is great for beginners or anyone new to learning the deadlift! The box ...
MARCH 7th, 2020 (SATURDAY)
Pinnacle Fitness will be hosting our very first Myo-Facial Release Workshop!
MFR is a fancy term for self massage!
This workshop will be lead by Pinnacle Fitness Trainer Anthony who will properly instruct you on ...
10th Edition of Cooking with Flavor: “Meal Prep 101” is in the books!! Such an informative and fun night with our amazing clients!
Shout out to our very own Chef Anthony for taking the time to teach and create delicious ...
We are hosting our 10th Edition of “Cooking with Flavor”! MEAL PREP 101
We hope you are all ready because we’ll be getting VERY hands on for this class!
We’ll be slicing and dicing EVERYTHING! This is going ...