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We at Pinnacle Fitness take pride in providing the utmost service when it comes personal training.
With that being said we don’t just focus on moving a bunch a weight!
Our trainers cater to other aspects of wellness such as ...
We have a special guest today!
Here is our very own @lindablumelstudio showing you guys THREE lower body exercises to help build those legs and get ready for HUMP DAY!
Let us know what ...
Happy Monday Everyone!
We wanted to give a quick shoutout to our clients who came out to our Sweat Saturday class this past weekend!
There’s nothing like working out with great company and to great music! Great job this weekend ...
I came to workout..... and the evil one laid destruction and chaos to the gym!!
Why wait and procrastinate on working on yourself when you can start day one TODAY!
If you’re interested in personal training feel free to click the link in our bio and we’ll help you get started on ...
HAPPY LABOR DAY PIN FIT FAMILY!! We would like to wish everyone a wonderful holiday!
Also, this is a reminder to get up and MOVE with your loved ones and have fun! 💪🏻🇺🇸❤️
A one hour workout is ONLY 4% of your ENTIRE day! That’s nothing!! 1 hour of work and sweat = 23 hours of feeling GOOD!
Let’s get moving! ❤️
Happy Monday Pin Fit Fam!! With busy lives it can be very easy to skip out on meals. We need to make sure that we’re feeding the body to provide us with enough energy to get us through our jam-packed ...
We preach a lot about the importance of being consistent with and staying accountable with your goals.
Since the weekend is around the corner here are 10 tips that YOU can start doing to help you stay ...
What’s up Pinnacle Fit Fam!
It’s #workoutwednesday which means we have a another great exercise comin’ at ya!
1) Begin by having your arms out in front of you with the medicine ball in your ...
We at Pinnacle Fitness emphasize the importance of movement. Not only do we need to move our bodies but we also need to transcend that message into other areas of our life.
Pinnacle Fitness yields improvement ...
TGIF PIN FIT FAMILY!!!! It’s Friday everyone which means the weekend is right around the corner! As this week is coming to an end this is a friendly reminder to keep working towards your goals! Finish this week off strong ...
Happy HUMP DAY Pin Fit Fam!
We understand that most of our clients lead incredibly busy lives and it can be hard to eat healthy when you’re on the go!
We have the SOLUTION for you! Here’s a simple and ...
What’s up Pinnacle Fit Fam!
For today’s #mondaymotivation here is another exercise of the day for you guys to try!
1) Begin by having your knees together in a fully kneeled position. Grasp the handles of the ab ...
When it comes to leading an active and healthy lifestyle there are 3 components that are essential for optimal health and recovery. These components are exercise, nutrition and SLEEP!
We can not stress enough how important it is that we ...
SO... we know that we at Pinnacle Fitness have members who travel on a regular basis through out the year. We understand that it can be difficult to stay on top of your nutrition when ...
What’s up Pinnacle Fit Fam!
We have another exercise of the day for you guys to try!
1) Begin by lying on your back. Have your arms held out in front of you with dumbbells in ...
Hands down the best roller!!! @rollgahealth I love love love your product!! I’ve never felt so much joy and pain at the same time!😂😆🧐 #painfree #myofascialrelease #movebettermovemore #movement #trainerlife #knotsonknots
Happy Tuesday PIN FIT FAM!
We at Pinnacle Fitness wanted to give you all a reminder that we are ALL capable of a positive change!
It’s never too late or too early. There’s never going to be the “right” time. ...
What’s up Pinnacle Fit Fam! TGIF! What better way to end the week than with an exercise of the day!
Bird Dog w/ Upper Support!
Target Muscle(s): ABS, BACK, GLUTES
1) Grab a box or a bench. ...
What are you eating for Lunch today?? Eating is just as important as training! Always strive for nutrient dense food! Remember, food is NOT the enemy!! #fuel #foodie #energy #macros #youarewhatyoueat
Happy Monday PINFIT Fam!
Remember: When you go into a situation defeated, you come out defeated.
#attitude is EVERYTHING!
Think positive and positive things will happen!
Let’s start this Monday off strong and crush our goals! 💪🏼
Who’s cuter... Luke or the puppy?
Comment down below and let us know what you think but we’d say it’s a close race!
We wanted to say thank you to our friends at @foothillsanimalrescue for allowing us to throw this ...
Well it’s all over and it was an amazing whirlwind of great people, a great workout and a wonderful dog named Marconi!! Great big shoutout to Foothills Animal Rescue @foothillsanimalrescue , their volunteers Karen and Marlene, our Pinnacle Fitness trainers ...
What’s up PINFIT FAM!
Just a reminder that nothing goes together as well as @foothillsanimalrescue, Pinnacle Fitness, and YOU. Not even good as green eggs and ham, the moon and the stars, salmon and veggies, protein powder and a blender, ...
What’s up Pinnacle Fit Fam!
We have another exercise of the day for you guys to try!
1) Begin by kneeling down on the floor with the right knee bent at 90 degrees.
2) ...
At Pinnacle Fitness we LOVE Monday’s!
Monday’s are a great day to start something new that you’ve always wanted to DO!
Let’s all commit to crushing this Monday and the rest of our week! 🔥👍🏼
What’s Up Pin Fit Fam!! Today is the day! Our very own Chef Anthony will be hosting Cooking With Flavor Grilling #2!
We have Brisket, Salmon and Vegan Burgers on the Menu tonight!
I’m sure we’re all looking forward to ...
What’s up Pinnacle Fit Fam! We have a Workout Wednesday exercise of the day comin’ at ya!
Seated Dumbbell Arnold Press!
Target Muscle(s): SHOULDERS
1) When getting into position be sure to keep your chest up and ...
Teacher Appreciation Week is HERE!
1 FREE Month of Personal Training for all teachers!
We at Pinnacle Fitness understand how much hard work and dedication you teachers invest into your students. Now that summer is here it’s time you invest ...