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What’s up Pinnacle Fit Fam!
We have another exercise of the day for you guys to try!
1) Begin by kneeling down on the floor with the right knee bent at 90 degrees.
2) ...
At Pinnacle Fitness we LOVE Monday’s!
Monday’s are a great day to start something new that you’ve always wanted to DO!
Let’s all commit to crushing this Monday and the rest of our week! 🔥👍🏼
What’s Up Pin Fit Fam!! Today is the day! Our very own Chef Anthony will be hosting Cooking With Flavor Grilling #2!
We have Brisket, Salmon and Vegan Burgers on the Menu tonight!
I’m sure we’re all looking forward to ...
What’s up Pinnacle Fit Fam! We have a Workout Wednesday exercise of the day comin’ at ya!
Seated Dumbbell Arnold Press!
Target Muscle(s): SHOULDERS
1) When getting into position be sure to keep your chest up and ...
Teacher Appreciation Week is HERE!
1 FREE Month of Personal Training for all teachers!
We at Pinnacle Fitness understand how much hard work and dedication you teachers invest into your students. Now that summer is here it’s time you invest ...
Keys to Success: #cleanfood @proteinhousephx #hydration @essentiawater #protein @nutrexresearch #flexfriday @pinnaclefitnessaz MAKE IT A GREAT WEEKEND!!
Happy Wednesday Pinnacle Fit Fam!
I have a question for all of you!
Are YOU getting enough sleep every night?
Did you know there are SO MANY wonderful benefits when you sleep!
It is recommended that adults should be getting ...
Let’s get up and MOVE on this MONDAY!
Here’s a look at Trainer Anthony leading our 9AM Outlast group!
These women are BEASTS! Great way to start the week on this beautiful Monday!
Happy Fit Friday Pinnacle Fit Fam!
Although the week is coming to an end that doesn’t mean we throw all of our hard work that we put in during the week out the window when the weekend comes around! Leading ...
Monday is the best day of the week! You know why? Because once you crush today it’ll set the tone for the rest of the week! This how we grow and get better! LETS GOOOO Pinnacle Fit Family! ...
What’s up Pinnacle Fit Fam! We have a Fit Friday exercise of the day comin’ at ya!
Single Arm Dumbbell Row!
Target Muscle(s): BACK
1) When getting into position, be sure to keep your back rigid and ...
Throwback to that time when our very own Chef Anthony taught our wonderful Pinnacle Fitness members how to cook a delicious and healthy home cooked meal!
Our next Cooking With Flavor class will be held on Friday, April 12th at ...
Having goals are nice but having SMART goals are even better!
It’s extremely important that we address all these variables when deciding to attain a goal!
Specific - Write it down and make it short and sweet ...
The best bands in the game!! S/o to @taylormadebands for all the 🍑 gains!! #northscottsdale #fitpro #az #girlswholift #goals #girlpower
Your are only as old as you Move!! Very Happy Birthday to Marilyn!! We love our Birthday workouts!! This woman shows up, and shows out every time she steps foot in Pinfit!! Maybe a little complaining, maybe a little lip....but ...
#transformationtuesday is in full effect!! We are so proud of this young lady here!! She is on one leg, balancing on the rounded sides of a half foam roll. It is not easy. Nik has put forth so much effort ...
PSA: even one drink can impair performance. Not all of our goals are to perform at a high level, most just want to feel and look better. Even still try to limit your self to 2 drinks per week and ...
Our OUTLIFT and OUTLAST Small Groups are geared towards two things, #strength and #movement OUTLIFT is all about strength and resistance training, and our OUTLAST is all about metabolic training and getting you moving fast and efficiently! We can’t wait ...
NEW SHIPMENT!!! Just released, cold and flu In the 16oz bottles!!! This product, is a close second (the avocado oil being my favorite) from eniva! Vitamins C&D, Zinc, elderberry, 🥦, echinacea, green tea 🍵, oregano 🌿, blueberry, cranberry, 🍊, 🍋, ...
Red Pepper Hummus anyone? How about jalapeño cilantro? Day one of the New Year, how are you starting it off? 3 Tips to start the new year off right: 1)Drink at least a quart more #water 2) Eat breakfast! 3) ...