I have been very lucky in my life to be surrounded by kind and caring people.

It started with my parents and continued into my friends, teammates, and co-workers.

I was supposed to coach this weekend in Wisconsin for my 19th annual shot put and discus clinic, but due to the Coronavirus, the Madison School District shut down the schools so… Clinic canceled..

I was bummed out because I really enjoy coaching and some of the best throwers in the country come out of Wisconsin so I would get to work with some great talent.

Out of something disappointing comes something wonderful. I have had such an amazing show of support for the new gym that we are building, from friends, members, and family.

I can’t tell you how touched I am by the support and the only thing I can say is that we have the best gym in Scottsdale… Or maybe all of Arizona.

The community… connections, and overall thoughtfulness from the people that walk through our doors each and every day is second to none.

I know as a staff, we have helped to build the feeling of community in the gym, but our members treat the staff like family and I am so pleased because I know that the new gym will be just as good, with a lot more people to be a part of the family!

So I wanted to give a huge thank you to Pinnacle Nation. We start construction tomorrow on the new space so I will make sure to keep you posted on the progress.

It sounds like it will move very quickly so we will do weekly video updates!

Pinnacle Fitness Family…. Thank you for being you!

​Building from the ground up