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A 42 day transformation challenge that will help:

:: Transform your HABITS …

:: Transform your HEALTH …

:: And Transform YOU!

Cost for new members is $199

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The Pinnacle Fitness 42-Day Challenge With Full Nutrition & Meal Plans Includes:

2 Small Group Personal Training Sessions Per Week 
1 Saturday Large Group Training Session
Full Movement Assessment Prior To Challenge
Focus on Lifestyle Changes/Habits & Overall Body Transformations


Call 480-306-7187 to Register
(Space is Limited)

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Eniva Detox Review

eniva health logoAs a member of Pinnacle Fitness for years I was excited about the new products available from Eniva Health. I took part in the 6 week spring challenge and utilized the 7 day cleanse. I was a little bit skeptical at first because there are 4 separate parts to the cleanse and I was worried about the taste of the products. So first off, the products taste good. Original Vibe tastes like fruit punch and does not have a lingering aftertaste. The Apple version is even better. The chlorophyll has a nice minty taste and combined with the muscle aid is tart.

The life cleanse has no taste but does not dissolve well. I found it was better to mix in a bullet and then it was perfect. Overall the cleanse was easy to do and I was able to pack the afternoon portion to take to work with me. I was not hungry and felt less bloated. Lost 11 pounds after that week. Continued to use the Vibe, muscle aid and chlorophyll until they ran out and that was almost 3 weeks later. Well worth the money and the products last about a month total. I still drink the Vibe everyday instead of taking a multivitamin and it especially refreshing with the Arizona heat. Love this product so much I purchased another cleanse to do again in a few months.


Changed my life habits for the better

I participated in the Pinnacle Fitness 6 week challenge in early 2018.  I must admit, I have had personal trainers in the past and have entered fitness contests before, so I didn’t have really high expectations on how this was going to be any different.  When I’m wrong, I’ll admit I’m wrong … and I was wrong!

Luke developed a program that really engaged me at a personal level.  He made the program and diet easy to follow and easy to track.  It didn’t feel like another diet and exercise challenge, but more like a way of life.  A life change.  The challenge was really focused on bettering myself, but at the same time it incorporated some very friendly competition with other participants.  At the end of the challenge, I not only beat the challenge itself, but I also exceeded my personal goals I set for myself.  I came out of the other side of this challenge a much healthier version of myself in mind, body and spirit.

The support system Luke has in place for the participants was amazing.  He and his coaches are very personable, knowledgeable and eager to help you reach your full potential.  This program not only changed my life habits for the better, but introduced me to foods that I never thought I would enjoy.  This program, along with Luke and his coaches guidance, are highly recommended for ANYONE who wants a healthier lifestyle change.  If you are ready, Pinnacle Fitness is ready.

Glenn B.

Get In Shape — Feel Great — Win A Trip … How Can You Lose??!!

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