So I ran into my neighbor who is a personal trainer at another local gym in Scottsdale.

It is a larger gym but a lot of the trainers just rent space in the facility. I asked him how the re-opening went this week and he responded “Fine, we didn’t have any rules that changed. We just try and wipe stuff down a little more but that is it. His gym didn’t change a single thing about how they were doing business.”

I was shocked!! I know there are differing opinions about the virus and what we should do, but I feel that most people want some sort of change to make them feel at ease.

I have a high demographic of retired people in my gym and I felt that if I didn’t make significant changes, I would be putting their health at risk.

Most people coming out of this “stay at home order” are starving for human contact and interaction. The gym is a great way to get that, but I felt it had to be safe.

We actually moved it to 7-8 feet apart for social distancing between patrons just to be safe.

I want to thank all of the people that came into the gym his week to see how we as a team at Pinnacle Fitness made changes with the safety of the members in mind.

I also want to thank all of you that gave virtual training a try and have stuck with it. You can really see that we take pride in our training and we coach our butts off whether it is in-person or online.

So I can’t preach enough about how serious we have taken this pandemic and the guidelines that have been laid out.

I have been all over Facebook and actually to a handful of gyms in person this week. Pinnacle Fitness was hands down been the most prepared and health conscious by far.

If you are unsure about coming back to a gym but have been sedentary for the last 8 weeks and need to move.

Send me an email and I can give you the best course of action for you.

I know every single member that walks through my doors. I know their families. I have a much better pulse on the risks walking into my gym than 99% of all other gyms.

This is why I have taken such great precautions to keep my members safe. We are hosting both in-person and virtual options of training.

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