Such a controversy over fat. In the 1980’s, fat was the culprit for all health problems so the food industry went to all no or low fat options. They filled the food with other additives to make up for the reduced fat.

Unfortunately they have done the same things with carbohydrates! Now they have added things like maltose, sucralose and malitol (sugar alcohols) to change the carb equation on the food labels.

There is nothing better than real food and one of the things I have found is that how you prepare your food matters as well!

Having hired a former chef at the Four Seasons to my gym in 2017, we have really dug deeper into the nutrition side and making healthy food taste better!

I was introduced to a supplement company in 2018 that I ultimately fell in love with. They have such a great back story and the only company that is featured in the Cleveland Clinics due to its high quality. Eniva is the company and they are based out of Minnesota.

The reason I even bring it up, is because unbenounced to me, one of their products is an amazing cooking oil that has rave reviews.

Now, it is the only oil I cook with, all of my trainers ( Including Chef Anthony) cook with it.

The answer to many of my clients questions……..

YES!  The oil you cook with absolutely matters!

  The issue is something called smoke point…

Smoke point refers to the temperature at which an oil starts to burn and smoke. When you cook with oil that’s been heated past its smoke point, you do more than impart a burnt flavor to foods. Beneficial nutrients and phytochemicals found in many unrefined oils are destroyed when the oil is overheated.

Besides losing the healthy nutrients and phytochemicals, you actually introduce toxicity and free radicals – NOT GOOD!

By the way, it’s commonly believed that olive oil is good for you…

That’s only true at low temps.  In fact, it’s best that you just use olive oil as a dressing.  Don’t cook with it at all because its smoke point is typically under 200 degrees unless you’re buying the really high-quality, expensive stuff…

Check out this graph showing smoke points:

As you can see, Eniva’s Gourmet Blend Heart Healthy Cooking Oil has, by far, the highest smoke point available.  It’s actually been recognized by the Guinness Book of World Records!

This Heart Healthy Cooking Oil is a premium combination of cold blended, hexane free and pure pressed avocado and safflower oils.  It has a clean, delicate taste which doesn’t interfere with the flavor of food.

 **Supportive but not conclusive scientific evidence suggests that daily consumption of about 1.5 tablespoons of oils containing high levels of oleic acid [at least 70%], may reduce the risk of coronary heart disease.  FYI, Eniva’s cooking oil is approximately 75% oleic acid.

 Plus, it’s loaded with Conjugated Linoleic Acid (CLA).  Numerous studies show that people who eat the most CLA have improved metabolic health and a lower risk of many diseases.

 We don’t know of any oils you can buy that are blended for their nutritive value and for the flavor professional chefs demand. Now you can fry without guilt, get delicious results, and create a healthier you!

Try coating your grill with it when you bbq! You won’t be sad!

 I’m really excited to be able to share this cooking oil!!

Building from the ground up.